Here you can download the demo version of Perseus.

DemoPerseus1_9_1eng.exe is the demo installer (about 18 MB). Launch it and all the necessary files will be created. Some files were not included with the installer, in order to reduce the download time, and will be generated on the fly at the end of the installation.

You can download the manual in PDF format. To read or print the manual you need Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it on your computer yet, click the button to download it.

The demo version of Perseus is perfectly functional, except for the following limitations:

  • You have only stars brighter than magnitude 5, except in the zone between 5h and 6h R.A. and +15į/-15į declination (part of Orion), where you have all the stars.
  • You have Deep Sky objects only in the zone between 5h and 6h of R.A. (any declination).
  • You canít go outside the time period between 1901 and 2010 A.D.
  • You canít save situations or scripts.
  • You can use the USNO-A catalogue (if you have it) only between 5h and 6h R.A.
  • There is only one chart for supernovae research. These charts have been made by Stefano Pesci and are available on the internet.
  • You canít use more than 100 asteroids or comets at once (but you can download the files from the website).
  • Planets and satellitesí textures are in low resolution.

However, you can create animations, scripts and so on following the instruction manual.