Perseus - Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

No cookie is used on our website.

Information Collection

When you navigate to our website, we don't use any cookie to track you. It is possible that our hosting supplier collects aggregate information in the server logs. These information are stored at an aggregate level in the server logs, we are not able to retrieve it in a way that is usable to identify you. No information provided by your browser is stored in our database.

When you activate or deactivate your copy of Perseus, you may provide an email address which is used to send you an email confirmation of the operation. This email address is not stored in our database.

The activation or deactivation process is recorded along with the serial number of the copy it corresponds to. However, we do not store any information about the correspondence between the serial number and the individual activating or deactivating the copy.

So, we do not collect nor do we store any personal data.

Past releases of Perseus up to 1.13.1 (released on 28 may 2015) ask you to optionally provide personal information when activating the installation. In the past these information were recorded in the serial number database. As of now, these information are no more stored in our database, and any new information you provide with an old version of Perseus is ignored - it is not stored anywhere. Perseus version 1.13.3 and later doesn't ask anymore to provide personal information.

Data Security

The activation database and the website are stored on servers owned by Aruba S.p.A. and secured at their data centers using standard industry-accepted protocols.


For any request related to this privacy policy or our treatment of data, write to Filippo Riccio, via Raffaello Sanzio 3, 20032 Cormano (MI) - Italy.