The current version of Perseus is 1.13.4, released on June 19, 2018. If you need to update your version, download and launch patch1_13_4b5019.exe. This patch requires Perseus version 1.5.

Perseus is capable of controlling many electronically-controlled telescopes through the ASCOM drivers. The ASCOM Initiative is dedicated to the creation of a standard for astronomical software, and allows everyone to use the ASCOM platform. This platform contains several drivers for various telescope models. If you want to use an updated ASCOM driver you need to download the ASCOM platform, available on the site

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Should you need them, here are provided the previous patches.

Patch version 1.13.352435086 byte
Patch version 1.1341535971 byte
Patch version 1.9.14432040 byte
Patch version 1.84483121 byte
Patch version 1.73467339 byte
Patch version 1.6.13221548 byte
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